The director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute pointed to the remarkable capacity of cage fish farming and said: For the development of coldwater fish farming, a working group has been set up that will seriously pursue issues such as selective breeding and eyed eggs production. Therefore, the same approach should be used in the discussion of fish farming in cages. Dr Mahmoud Bahmani added: It should be planned to take responsibility for cage fish farming issues in the working group and be fully operational. He believes that since the issue of cage fish farming is one of the priority projects of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute in the field of research and acquiring up to date technical knowledge and transferring it to the private sector has paved the way for the cage fish farming projects. Moreover, the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute will solve the problems facing the industry with scientific and research solutions. In this regard, the Iran Fisheries Organization along with the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute has been able to facilitate the necessary investments for investors and thus to facilitate the operation of this fishery sub-sector in order to achieve the objectives set out in the program. The executor of the cage fish farming project stated that marine aquaculture is recognized as one of the cornerstones of aquaculture development in the world, and added: Due to the limitations of freshwater resources in Iran, there is no choice for the country's fisheries industry but to develop cage fish farming and use seawater to produce some species. He said: Due to restrictions in the country, fish farms cannot be developed on land. For this reason, the 6,000-kilometer capacity of the northern and southern coasts of Iran should be fully exploited for cage fish farming, as none of the agricultural subdivisions has the potential to grow as much as the fisheries sector. Dr. Hussein Abdolhai, the deputy director of aquaculture development at the Iran Fisheries Organization, added: For the fish farming in the cage, structuring should be a top priority so that the tasks of each sector are identified separately. He emphasized: Academic majors should be suggested for cage fish farming. It should be noted that Dr. Izadi, Dr. Shahri and Dr. Khodaei also attended the meeting at the Iran Fisheries Organization and discussed the challenges of cage fish farming.
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