Dr. Bahmani met with the officials of the Tohfeh Company (active in the field of fish processing) and said: The processing sector can somehow be the most important subset of fisheries science activities. As this sector will not only increase the profitability of the beneficiaries, but will also increase employment, improve public health through greater consumption of fish and a boom in exports. The director of the Iranian FisheriesScience and Research Institute said the fisheries private sector has experienced significant growth in recent years and has a better view of research and development. He added: This is an opportunity for researchers in fisheries science to make a further effort to obtain and transfer the world's latest management methods to producers.Dr. Bahmani continued: In general, as the processing sector is one of the most important sectors of the fisheries sector, it should be seen as a complete package in which the private sector, the Iran Fisheries Organization and the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute carry out the activities together. The CEO of the Tohfeh Company also emphasized that the activities of the institute are in line with the type of work of private companies, because some of them have now ignored the research and development department alongside the manufacturing plant. This will allow for cooperation between the two public and private entities. Therefore, it can be hoped that in the near future, sales of unprocessed products in the fisheries market will be reduced to the minimum possible and their value added will be enhanced. It should be noted that the deputies and managers of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, Dr. Mortezaei, Dr. Hossein Zadeh, Dr. Moradi and Dr. Ghaffari, as well as Dr. Farzi, Mr. Kazemini Ashtiani and Mr. Adib Zadeh attended the meeting and discussed ways to facilitate collaborative activities.
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