The 14th meeting of the Scientific-Technical Committee of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute was held at the session hall of the institute on Sunday, dated 25 August 2019.Dr. Bahmani, the director of the Iranian  Fisheries Science and Research Institute, first announced the revival of the Committee on Biotechnology in the Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organizationat the meeting attended by Dr. Bazargan, the deputy director of research and technology of the Agricultural Research Education and Extension Organization. The director of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute called for presenting the institute's achievements in algae and probiotics, given the committee's approach to commercializing and transferring knowledge to the private sector.Then, he referred to research in various areas of fisheries sciences such as fishery, aquaculture, health and disease, ecology and water resources as well as biotechnology. Dr. Bahmani reaffirmed the need to prepare analytical reports in the cited fields by the specialized departments as soon as possible.He urged heads, group managers and experts from various departments at the headquarters of institute to oversee the work of research institutes and to  provide assistance and support to the relevant departments of the research  institutes and research centers.The impacts of climate  change on the country's fisheries and aquaculture activities, outcome control  and adaptation strategies, and Sampat project documentation were discussed.
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