Dr. Reza Malek Zadeh, the deputy director of research and technology of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, issued and announced the decrees of the members of the Iran Viral Disease Strategic Network. The Iran Viral Disease Strategic Network officially began its core activities.Dr. Seyyed Jalil Zorrieh Zahra, the head of the department of aquatic health and diseases of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute, was also elected as a member of the network in the general assembly election and is present in the network. Members of the strategic council of the network:
1- Dr. Seyed Mohammad Jazayeri (Head of the Network),
2- Dr. Mahmoud Shamsi Shahr Abadi,
3- Dr. Minoo Mohraz,
4- Dr. Davood Yadegari,
5- Dr. Mahmoud Nabavi,
6- Dr. Fardad Doroodi,
7- Dr. Abdul Wahab Moradi,
8- Dr. Seyyed Jalil Zorrieh Zahra,
9- Dr. Mohammad Reza Rezapanah,
10- Dr. Seyed Alireza Naji,
11- Dr. Ashraf Mohammadi,
12- Dr. Mohammad Kazem Shah Karami,
13- Dr. Ahmad Karimi Rahjerdi,
14- Dr. Babak Shahbaz.
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