Artemia  mortality  in Lake Urmia, given that this organism has a specific life span, indicates the  continuation of the life cycle of the only living organism in the second largest salt water  lake on  Earth.  Dr. Ali Nekoui Fard, the head of the Iranian Artemia Research Center, in an  interview with Barish News said that the amount  of Artemia in the lake is more  than 200 tons and added: The composition  of Artemia in the lake is 683 adults per cubic meter, 2,666 newbornnauplii per cubic meter, 833 juvenile per  cubic meter and 56,230 eggs per cubic meter. The head of the Iranian  Artemia Research Center continued: At present, the volume of the lake is 56.4 billion  cubic meters and the area of ​​the lake is 3,080 square kilometers. The area of  the lake has increased by 918 square kilometers compared to last year. He stated that every natural environment has  organisms with specific life spans, and added: In  very good condition with salinity of 120 g / L and sufficient food, Artemia  life span is 3 months and they die after the end of their life span. Dr. Ali Nekoui  Fard continued: As the weather warms up and the  salinity of the water increases, Artemia gets a shorter life span but  there is no problem with Artemia's life cycle and we are witnessing a  very good state of this aquatic  crustacean in Lake Urmia. He mentioned  that one of the reasons for turning the color of Lake Urmia to blood red is the  bloom of the microalgae Dunaliella. The head of the Iranian  Artemia Research Center added: As the lake's water becomes saline, these  single-celled microalgae change color in  order to be able to withstand water salinity, which is why the lake turns red.Referring  to the sludge of the lake, he said: One of the causes of lake sludge is the  masses of dead Artemia. Finally, the head of the Iranian Artemia Research  Center said about  the reasons for seeing dead Artemia on the shores of Lake Urmia: The main reason  for observing them is the wind blowing to the beach and collecting them on the  beach.
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