The 9th Conference and Training Workshop

The 9th Conference and Training Workshop of the public relations of the executive organizations of Golestan province on the topic of public relations management
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At  this intimate meeting, several public relations officials of the executive  organizations of Golestan province expressed their views on the importance and  place of public relations in executive organizations.Dr. Hagh Shenas,  the governor of Golestan, emphasized the importance of transparent reporting,  and said: Public  relations should create hope in the community and build public trust. About holding  the ninth conference and training workshop of the public relations of the  executive organizations of Golestan province, Dr. Hadi Hagh Shenas stated that  public relations should be in full flow of daily news and added: Public relations  are the intermediary link between the people and the authorities and should  reflect more on the activities of the executive organizations and at the same  time convey the concerns of the people to the authorities. He also thanked the  organizers of the conference. Referring to the capabilities of Golestan province,  he noted: Golestan  is one of the top 10 provinces in terms of capacity, and we should all strive  to improve the province's rankings with the participation of all, especially  public relations. It  should be noted that the training workshop was attended by Dr. Seyed Alireza  Behbahani, one of the leading figures in the field of modern diplomacy. The public  relations officials of the executive organizations benefited from the issues  discussed and shared their views with Dr. Behbahani and Dr. Hagh Shenas.
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