The training course with the title of "Health and Biosecurity Management in Shrimp Farms with Emphasis on White Spot Syndrome" was held on the Gowadar shrimp farming site in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries of the Chabahar Province, the natural resources agricultural research station and the Veterinary Directorate General of Chabahar Province.The training course topics: Nutrition management and feeding in shrimp farms by Dr. Nasiri, a review on White Spot Syndrome by Dr. Skandari, prevention of redhead in farmed shrimp by Dr. Bagheri and principles of water management and aeration in shrimp ponds by Ms. Erfani Far were presented to the exploiters and experts.At the end of the presentation, the participants in the course presented their issues and problems in the form of questions that the solutions were provided by the course instructors.
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