The 574th scientific-technical committee was held at the session hall of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute with the presence of the members, dated 28 July 2019.Dr. Seyed Mortezaei, the deputy director of the research and technology, thanked colleagues for their active participation at the managers' meetings last week and called for continued follow-up by the heads of the departments on the process of projects and activities of research institutes and research centers. He also pointed out to the launch of the macro project of rainbow trout with high-health in the coming days this week at the Coldwater Fishes Research Center of Tonekabon with  the presence of Dr. Sattari, the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology of the Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Then, the colleagues explained about visiting the Gomishan shrimp farming site and attending the meeting to review proposals for the Iran National Science Foundation. The initial review of the aquatic pollutants refining program was carried out to improve product quality and health. The project document with the title of "Investigation of Tilapia fish production parameters in aquaponic system" from the National Research Centre of Saline- waterAquatics Bafgh(Yazd)and the final reports of the projects including "Monitoring and evaluation of the  factors and indicators for aquaculture in the selected farms for sample preparation in operational areas" and "Evaluation of the fecundity and fertility in broodstock derived from selective breeding of fish in the rainbow trout selected farms to produce SPF rainbow trout " from the Coldwater Fishes Research Center of Tonekabon as well as the project with the title of "Investigation of eutrophication and water quality index in the Azad Dam  Lake in Sanandaj for fisheries activities" from the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center (Sari), were discussed.

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