The meeting of the committee on the fisheries management in Bushehr province was held with the presence of deputy director of fisheries, fishery experts and fisheries managers from the departments of fisheries of the cities, deputy director of the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran and managers of the fisheries unions and co-operatives. At the end of the meeting, the chairman of the group for the improvement of aquatics resources in Bushehr province declared: Determining them date of the implementation of fishing ban in the coastal waters of the province and the date of the initiation of the research patrol by the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran to open the fishery season was on the agenda of the committee, which was discussed. Mr. Mahdavi said: Considering the effective role of fishing ban in restoring and protecting the various species fisheries resources in the Persian Gulf, all members agreed to implement it. It was decided to review the issues and problems of implementing this plan in the past and to take necessary measures after the amendments to the plan. After further examination, the plan should be submitted to the committee to make the final decision. Fortunately, research patrols have been conducted annually in collaboration with the active fishing community to evaluate shrimp resources in the waters of Bushehr province each year and have had good and effective results. This year, the research patrol with the active participation of the fishing community will begin soon to estimate the resources and determine the time of the beginning of the fishery season and the optimal amount of fishery from shrimp resources. The fisheries management committee is a forum composed of representatives of government and private sector entities that is responsible for managing, directing and monitoring fishing activities and is established in accordance with the provisions of the law on the conservation and exploitation of aquatic resources.
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