Execution of extension plan

Execution of the extension plan of the role of public participation in protecting the natural reproduction of anadromous marine fish in Gilan Province by the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute – Gilan
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The project is considered as one of the most important projects of the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute which is being implemented in the northern provinces of the country for the second year. In the first year, the colleagues of the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center successfully implemented the project on the Kheyrud River, Mazandaran province. It was set up to cover the issue of the natural reproduction of the Caspian Sea bony fish and to discuss the conservation of valuable fish stocks and biodiversity in the rivers in three northern provinces of the country. The National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute for the implementation of this project in Gilan province participated in several meetings in the Gilan Department of Fisheries with the presence of the general manager and experienced experts in the department in March 2019. During various visits to the appropriate rivers in the west and east of the province, the Khaleh Sara River in Talesh County was finally selected for this project. Since March 2019, two indigenous applicants have volunteered to implement the plan and have been deployed at the ground along the riverbank for better execution of the plan. Also, with the coordination of the Gilan Department of Fisheries and the Department of Education in Talesh County several lectures were held in girls' schools, boys' schools and mosque in order to explain the long-term objectives of the project, which is to protect the valuable resources of the Caspian Sea and improve the biological status of the rivers, for the younger generation and the people living on the edge of the river. Other activities related to the project are also underway on the basis of the proposal document. 
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