According to the latest statistics of 2017-2018 by the Iran Fisheries Organization, the amount of capture fisheries and aquaculture in the country is 1,200,000 tons.The waste produced in the aquatic products processing industry varies from species to species and accounts for at least 30%.Unfortunately, the optimal use of fish processing byproducts has not been made and today has become a dilemma for the environment.One of the most suitable alternatives in this field is the conversion of fish processing byproducts into value added products such as biosilage.Silage is a fermentation product that is produced by chemical and microbial methods.When using microorganisms in the process of silage production, it is referred to as biosilage.By using specific and optimized bacteria, the primary fish processing byproducts can be converted to a product with higher protein content and higher digestibility.At present, the price of the ingredients used in aquatics feed products (especially fish meal) and poultry feed products (soy) has increased so that the cost of the diet has increased significantly compared with the last years which ultimately affects the final price of the product.One of the solutions is the use of biosilage as a substitute for protein in the fish diet (a substitute for fish meal) and poultry diet (a substitute for soybean meal) which reduces the final price of the product and is competitive with the original product.The Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute for the first time in Iran began to produce biosilage from rainbow trout processing byproducts. The pilot project of this study was carried out at the Caspian Sea Ecology Research Center and the results indicated the positive effects of using biosilage in fish diet.Main
advantages of biosilage compared to fish meal:
1-Low price of the finished product compared to fish meal (equivalent to 30% of
the price of fish meal)
2- It has a much higher digestibility than fish meal
3- Producing a probiotic-rich product 
4- No need to use advanced technology in the production of biosilage
5- Longer shelf life due to acidic pH compared to fish meal
6- Maintenance of amino acids due to non-thermal treatment
7- Producing biosilage from rainbow trout processing byproducts
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