Genetic modification of carp

Planning of the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute for genetic modification of carp with the participation of the private sectors in Gilan Province
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In  line with the implementation of the national plan for genetic modification of  carp at the National Inland  Water Aquaculture Institute and the South of Iran Aquaculture Research  Center – Ahvaz (affiliated to the Iranian  Fisheries Science and Research Institute), a group of genetically modified carp  eggs (Tata carp eggs) were imported from Hungary in April 2018 to Iran, Gilan  province. The implementation of the national plan for genetic modification of  carp is in progress with the scientific cooperation of theResearch InstituteforFisheriesand Aquaculture (Hungarianacronym is HAKI). Incubation  period of fish eggs, larval production and primary production of juvenile fish were  carried out at the Shahid Ansari Center for Reproduction and Rebuilding  Resources of bony fishes in Rasht. Experts from the National Inland Water Aquaculture Institute  succeeded  in producing more than 90000 juvenile Tata carp, each weighing more than 20  grams. In order to continue the process of fish farming and genetic  modification of carp, the produced juvenile fish with the supervision of the  Veterinary Directorate General of Gilan Province were transferred to the South  of Iran Aquaculture Research Center in Khuzestan Province, which will carry out  the main program for genetic modification of the fish, and the Fuman station for reproduction and production  of aquatic organisms. The overwintering stages of juveniles in both research  institutes have been accomplished by creating the appropriate conditions. Since  April 2019, the program of selective breeding of  fish has been put on the agenda. In this regard, in order to achieve the  planned goals and exploit the participation of aquaculturists in Gilan  province, a part of the juvenile fish has been transferred to these centers to form  the suitable broodstock for fish reproduction and to continue the process of  genetic modification with the scientific supervision of the researchers.
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