Three projects in three frames

The head of the Iranian Artemia Research Center announced that three research projects have been carried out at the center
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The head of the Iranian Artemia Research Center pointed to the acquisition of fully indigenous technical knowledge of nauplii "Guard" and said: Research by researchers at the center caused the price to be half the price of the similar foreign product and aquaculturists can use it without investing to launch a hatchery. Dr. Ali Nekouei Fard believes that easy storage of this product in the conditions of aquaculture farms without the need for special facilities such as the cooling system is another advantage that can be mentioned. It should be that this product is compatible with the environment because it is indigenous nauplii and its production will prevent the withdrawal of foreign currency from the country and make aquaculture economical. According to Dr. Ali Nekouei Fard, the acquisition of indigenous technical knowledge of Artemia "Guard" is another effective measure of the Iranian Artemia Research Center which includes all the previously mentioned benefits for nauplii "Guard". The head of the Iranian Artemia Research Center said: Another project was conducted to increase the shelf life of fish fillets at the refrigerator temperature using bio preservatives by the researchers at the center, according to which the shelf life of rainbow trout fillets increased from 2 days to 12 days. According to Dr. Ali Nekouei Fard, preventing the loss of packaged products delivered to the consumer, improving the health of rainbow trout packaged products in the production cycle to consumption, the use of biotechnology and beneficial bacteria in increasing the shelf life of fish fillets, helping the producers to deliver packaged fresh products over long distances and with low impact on the cost of finished products are the other benefits of implementing this project.
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