Rainbow trout selective breeding project

Review of the implementation plan for the rainbow trout selective breeding project in 2019-2020
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meeting was held at the Iranian Fisheries Science and Research Institute in  coordination with the department of biotechnology of the institute in the  presence of Dr. Pourkazemi, deputy director of research, head of the aquatic health  and diseases department, head of the aquaculture department, head of the Shahid Motahari Genetics and Breeding Research Center of  Coldwater Fish  -Yasuj,  project experts from the Shahid Motahari Genetics and  Breeding Research Center of Coldwater Fish–Yasuj  and the Coldwater Fishes Research Center  of Tonekabon, experts from the department of biotechnology and executor of the  project. Extensive reports on the current status of the project and the actions  taken so far have been presented and the most important activities and  requirements for the implementation of the project have been reviewed. In this  regard, a report was presented by Dr. Lashgari on the fish sent from the  Tonekabon SPF center, which had already been transferred to form the core of base  populations at the Yasuj center. Afterwards, Dr. Ghaedi,  Dr. Nazari and Dr. Mahmoodi presented their reports on the facilities of the  center and the projects designed in this project, which were discussed and  criticized by experts at the meeting from various dimensions. At the end of the  meeting, the future work titles and executive headings were defined and the  2019-2020 timetables were designed with the priority of forming rainbow trout  base populations at the Shahid Motahari Genetics and  Breeding Research Center of Coldwater Fish –Yasuj with the participation of the Tonekabon SPF Center  and other centers of the country for the reproduction of this species.
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