The meeting of the national program for genetic modification of cultured shrimp in Iran was held at the conference hall of the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran in the presence of Dr. Dashtian Nasab, the head of the Shrimp Research Institute of Iran, deputy director of research, fisheries experts and a group of officials from the provincial reproduction and production centers. The speaker of the meeting, Dr. Ghavampour, presented his comments and suggestions on the purpose of implementing the program in five paragraphs and its implementation method in six paragraphs in two phases including the first phase and the second phase. In the seminar, the genetic modification of cultured shrimp from 2019-2020 to 2028-2029 was announced as the general objective, and finally, the comments and suggestions of the audience at the meeting were reviewed for selectivity in the population of Whiteleg shrimp and improving the quality of the titles of activities and items requested.
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