Shrimp farming extension meeting

Shrimp farming extension meeting by holding a workshop
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The  shrimp farming extension meeting was held at the  research center by organizing a workshop  for shrimp farmers of the region in the  presence of Dr Hosseini, the head of the Chabahar Offshore Fisheries  Research Center, the head of the working group  on fisheries and aquaculture extension, the Chabahar County specified  researchers, Mr. Seyyed Javadi, the secretary  of the Shrimp Farming Union, Dr. Nasiri, the head  of the shrimp development department of the Sistan and Baluchestan Department  of Fisheries and related experts. Dr.  Hosseini welcomed the audience and the exploiting community and provided some  explanations about the importance of the shrimp farming industry and the role  and position of training workshops on informing and raising the technical  knowledge of the farmers. Two of the expected  topics that were presented at the meeting were to provide current region needs  and determine the landscape of shrimp industry in the region. Also, four  important topics were identified for the workshop.
Disease and health of shrimp
Aquaculture management
Harvesting and processing management
Determining the landscape of shrimp industry
It was decided that the lecturer of each of the specialized fields should be appointed before the time of the workshop.
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