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Iranian Fisheries Research Organization (IFRO)


World Wide Fund for Nature, Pakistan (WWF-P)



From August 2013 to 3 years

i. Jointly develop proposals for joint implementation in areas including but not restricted to:

a. Climate change adaptation with a particular focus on coastal communities;

b.Trans-boundary water and marine resource management and conservation and,

c. Sustainable fishing practices and methods implemented with the help of declaring MPAs and No-Take Zones.

ii.Regularly exchange information with regard to each other’s activities (on-ground interventions, research, policy, etc.) of mutual interest. The parties will nominate a focal person or persons from within their respective organizations to coordinate this information exchange;

iii. Organize meetings as and when necessary through mutual consent and inform each other of new initiatives of shared interest;

iv. Collaborate on joint initiatives, experience sharing and exposure visits. This support can be through modest funding or technical support;

v.Lend scientific equipment and expertise and arrange training sessions to meet each other’s capacity building needs.

vi. Any requests for assistance under this Letter of Agreement will, wherever possible, be made in writing, but in cases of urgency it may be oral and confirmed writing within two weeks;

vii. To facilitate an appropriate and timely response, the requesting party should specify:

a. Information or assistance required (identity of persons, specific information required);

b.Purpose for which the information is sought;

c. Description of the connection of the information required with the Agreement; and,

d.Any information related to the urgency of the request, including the delay within which the information is required.

viii. Acknowledge each other in relevant reports and publications pertaining to joint initiatives, where possible, in the form of citation in publications, or inclusion of WWF-P’s logo and IFRO logo in publications;

ix. Share their data and publications, specifically those related to Climate change and Marine Programme and will acknowledge the use of such data, where possible, in the form of citation in publications, or inclusion of WWF-P logo and IFRO logo in publications;

x.Use of data by either IFRO or WWF-P will be contingent on recognizing that:

a. Neither party to this Letter of Agreement will be responsible for any ramifications arising of the information retrieved from the other’s database or publications.

xi. Make every effort to resolve any conflicts mutually and amicably.


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