- Division of Caspian Sea Ecology
- Division of Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Ecology
- Division of Inland Aquatic Ecosystems
Aims of Department of Aquatic Ecology:
1. Monitoring of Marine Ecosystems, including Caspian Sea Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.
2. Limnology of Inland waters (Rivers, Marshes, Springs, Dams, …)
3. Investigation of pollution of aquatic environment and its impact on Fisheries.
4. Study on biological Invasion impact on aquatic Ecosystems of Iran.
5. Study on assessment of interactions of Aquaculture practices and the environment.
6. Investigate mitigation measure in order to combat biological invasion.
7. Establish and promote cooperative research projects with other national, regional and international research institution.
8. Estimation of carrying capacity of aquatic environments in order to enhance stocks of commercial fish species.
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