According to reports and documents, western white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei has shown good growth performance compared to foods containing plant compounds. In this project, the effect of formulated rations based on plant compounds (soybean and corn) on the growth performance and survival of this shrimp was investigated, the experimental rations were based on the replacement of fish meal by soybean powder and corn gluten at a rate of 0% (basic ration). , 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100% were formulated. The duration of the breeding period was considered to be 60 days, and during this period, the effect of different rations on growth indicators (including weight gain, specific growth rate and survival), nutrition indicators including food conversion rate and protein efficiency, as well as the total price of the ration and Also, the total price for the production of each kilogram of shrimp in different groups was calculated and compared. The results showed that vegetable protein replacement has no significant effect on the survival of shrimps within 60 days (P≤0.05), the results also showed that the nutritional indicators including food conversion ratio and protein efficiency in the control group and the fish meal replacement groups up to 60% compared to The two groups of 80 and 100 percent replacement had a better condition (P≤0.05), on the other hand, the total price of the food ration decreased with the increase in the percentage of vegetable protein replacement, and this correlation was very strong (R2=0.9912), but the reduction of the total price Each kilogram of shrimp had a weak correlation with the increase of vegetable protein in the diet (R2=0.1739). This study showed that it is possible to replace fish meal with vegetable protein (of soybean and corn origin) up to 100% of the diet, but above 60% had a negative effect on growth indicators.
Keywords: Replacement, Fish meal, Vegetable protein,Western white shrimp (Litopenae vannamei)
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